Belated Eid Mubarak! xx

So this is majorly delayed but Eid Mubarak! It was our first Eid away from family in a different, and Muslim country and it resulted in a very quaint and quiet celebration. I kinda sorta missed praying at the Pickering Rec center (haha), but this was definitely different from the normal routine which takes place at 983 Grafton! First off, forget about having two prayer times catered to our convenience at 9am and god knows whenever (we got it good!); salah was right after Fajr, at around 6am-ish! We woke early to get ready (no fancy schmancy) which consisted of a black abaya and white dish-dasha (white thoub for men) and headed off. The really neat thing subhanallah was that the takbeer started at around 515/530 and we could hear it from our flat! We were wondering what that noise was so early in the morning and after opening the door to a sky full of hazy fog we had an ‘aww’ moment together lol it was one of those really cool experiences that made you smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. For some reason it was incredibly foggy and hazy for the entire morning and most of the day which almost never ever happens in Kuwait but oh well! We walked over to the masjid reading the takbeer which was still playing via the masjid and Muslims were coming from everywhere, most walking, some driving, but it was just a really surreal and heartwarming moment x Salah went by as did the khutbah, and I missed a sense of community a tad bit; after being used to everyone hugging you and saying Eid Mubarak, you get accustomed to it and I half expected somebody to embrace me and share the moment but alas it never happened:( which is okay lol but still..!

We ended up having an early breakfast which we set up the night before with fancy-ish dishes as per what we would do with our families but then it got kind of boring lol so we drove to the old souk just because. I have never seen a country look so empty before in my life. There were hardly any cars on the road and there was a quaint hush of serenity on the streets which was kind of nice!

I was also invited to an Eid party by one of the other Muslim teachers at my school which was nice. We turned up to what looked like an ordinary looking building which turned out to be mahusive (massive+huge)!!! Met some other English-speaking Muslims from ‘the West’ which I was grateful for!

We also had the week off school for Eid so we hung out and drove to faraway places to explore and shop and eat and you know the deal! Found a beautiful mall complete with a waterfall display in Fahaheel which was neat!

Hope everyone had a lovely Eid back home or wherever you might be, with loved ones and lots of good food! Xx



















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