In Kuwait when the weather gets cooler, loads of people have family-friendly picnics and barbeq(c)ues by the beach which is quite cute. As you drive on Gulf Road in the evenings you see groups of people planted on different parts of the grassy park areas with tables, chairs, grills, even shisha pipes! Kids are running around while their parents chat and/or tend to their barbeques. In Canada we’re used to having a designated campground which closes at a certain time and you maybe plan a date with some other families about a month in advance lol but here you basically sit wherever there’s grass and you decide to picnic on a whim. We went out on Eid to experience this; I had cooked up a notch and we drove over kinda sorta intimidated by everyone and their grills as we scrounged for a place to sit lol but it was still nice and quaint. A few weeks ago we invested in a cute yellow barbeque-grill that Shaheer just had to have, and decided to put it to use. Shaheer was in charge of kebabs, I was manning the vegetable skewers, and we were determined to have our little barbeque. We set out and found a nice place which had already been taken over by other families, and were able to find some grass and a tree (yay!). Another thing about these picnics, there are no lights. Depending on where you find a spot, you may get a glare from the road lights, but other than that, you picnic in the dark lol we had to use our phones to get things started but Alhamdulillah it all turned out really nice! Kebabs and buns alongside grilled veggies hit the spot followed by our own version of s’mores; which consisted of roasted marshmallows on a marks&spencers milk chocolate digestive biscuit which I though was genius! (you’re welcome!) It eliminated any messy melting of chocolate and the ratio of chocolate already covering the biscuit was just right so it was a win-win! Here’s to barbequing at the end of November! (aren’t you jealous?!) xx

20131122-232104.jpg 20131122-232124.jpg 20131122-232145.jpg 20131122-232209.jpg 20131122-232231.jpg 20131122-232219.jpg


One thought on “barbie.

  1. Sorry Saira for not keeping up with your …yanee; Yaneey it skipped my mind to keep up with you… Although you have sent me all the photos on whatsapp, but i must say that i enjoyed the description as well as the photos all over again. One thing you failed to do was to pose with your new car…that’s ok regardless of not being a hummer or a BM, pls don’t be ashamed to post it….i love the photos you have taken with your camera! from the view of your car, next time…roll down the window a get a better Shot!

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