I never thought myself one to be smitten by a t-shirt. then T-Shirt Policy London happened and its become a bit of a guilty habit since then! I’m sure someone or another reading this has seen one of their infamous tees on my instagram as they seem to be recurrent in daily outfits lol but I absolutely adore them. For those who have no idea what I’m on about, here’s a blurb from their online store:

A British brand, launched by the London-based designer, Natasha Petafi.

The collection includes t-shirts and sweatshirts – both very famous for the sheer quality of the fabrics and finishing; as well as the designs and eye-catching prints which never fail to be items of desire. T-shirt Policy London is definitely a niche and its clientele is very stylish, international and loyal- ranging from girls who are posh and dressy; loving late afternoon teas with macaroons as well as the classic rock Chic who is out there and everywhere.

They have also done a collab with another favourite, The Hafsa Lodi Label which are oh so cool! A Ramadan inspired tee alongside the more recent ‘Tutus, and Turbans’ one fit perfectly into their collection. I’ve come to accept my pieces as being ‘investments’ more so than just another tshirt as they really are quite versatile! Pair them with some boyfriend jeans for a clean casual look, dress them up with a maxi skirt, or even throw on a statement necklace, it’ll all somehow fall into place and the tee will speak for itself. Not only do they look great, but they’re also quite comfy and don a bit of an oversized fit in case any hijabis are worried about bum-coverage!

Do check them out alongside The Hafsa Lodi Label who has her own uber-amazing and unique collection of maxi cardigans and shirts which will make your closet smile x

T-Shirt Policy London instagram: @tshirtpolicylondon


The Hafsa Lodi Label instagram: @hafsalodi


















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