du-bye. (get it?!)

so if you follow me on instagram, you probably know by now that we caved :$ we ended up taking a last minute vacay to good old Dubai and it was so worth it! Most likely our last getaway until September (inshallah) but at least before we jetset home. Which is coming up! (yay!) I have to say I’m about ready to come home; I know I’ll be dying to leave again after a week or so and it’ll be madness all over lol but nonetheless I think I’m ready.

a word to the wise; unless you’ve done it before and can reeaally handle it, don’t go back to work the same morning (let alone same day) you fly in. Before booking our flights Shaheer asked if I’d be okay going back to school the same morning we flew back into Kuwait and like the hero I sometimes pretend to be, I was all like ‘oh yea no worries I can handle it’ mostly because I didn’t care t the time and just wanted to go! but nuh uh. did not happen. We left Dubai at around 430am, meaning we had to get up at like 230ish, made it back to Kuwait at 530am, and headed to school for about 7 in the morning. Picked up some tea and brekky on the way and all was well for about the first 3 hours of class lol but I crashed. went home, slept, but then waking up the next few days was terrible, didn’t end up going at all the next day and today being the last day of the work week, I think I’m finally over the jetlag/sleep deprivation lol you know when you’re having such a lovely time on holiday and get completely in the zone of being carefree, no responsibility or work etc etc. that’s basically what I felt lol butt the thought of only having one more month left of teaching kind of makes it okay!

anyways back to Dubai! plans were to stay out of malls (for shopping purposes lol..!) and go skiing and ‘do’ stuff which I’m glad we did! Skiing didn’t end up happening because one of the slopes were closed the day we went and the man advised us to come another time so inshallah next time, but we did go on a desert safari which  was pretty awesome! I’ll save that for the next post though! We had a chance to go to the Dubai Aquarium which is inside the Dubai Mall and so so cool! They also offer a ‘feeding the fish’ package alongside a shark cage type of thing (you’re swimming in a cage with the sharks!) which are definitely on our ‘to-do’ list. We also had a chance to pray juma in a beautiful masjid which reminded us of the Blue Mosque in Turkey which was pretty neat. Another day was spent alongside JBR (Jumeirah Beach Residence) which was beautiful!! Shaheer had been before with his friends but it was my first time, and it legit felt like I was in another country. Everyone was out sunbathing or in the water, or skydiving (yess they had a freaking military plane and runway basically on top of the water!) but the architecture of the buildings and overall design of everything was amazing! Definitely going to stay down those ends next time inshallah! Here are some pictures from our trip and check out the next one dedicated to our safari! xo.

oh yea!! forgot the most important thing!! we ‘invested’ in a selfie stick!! woo! it’s honestly the coolest gadget ever and perfect for the two of us; now we don’t always have to ask people to take out pictures or worry about trusting how well they’ll take the picture, or take turns taking pictures of each other (mostly Shaheer just taking my pictures!) but you get the idea! It comes in 2 parts; the actual stick which can extend quite far, and another bit which screws into the stick and grasps the phone/camera. I wanted to get one in Kuwait before our trip which never happened, but we found one in Dubai which had a remote you could purchase separately and connects to the phone via bluetooth so much easier! (the one in Kuwait I saw was based on a self-timer and you had to get the app etc etc) so yea! easy to use and take pictures when your other half is tired of taking them lol even my mums asking for one for her birthday! selfie sticks for the win I say! xx



IMG_7363 IMG_7386 IMG_7431 IMG_7446 IMG_7449 IMG_7465 IMG_7475 IMG_7506 IMG_7558


IMG_7620 IMG_7632  IMG_7646 IMG_7647 IMG_7653

IMG_7846 IMG_7741 IMG_7758 IMG_7814 IMG_7820 IMG_7823 IMG_7829


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