Gaya Magazine!

hiya! I wanted to share an article I wrote for Gaya Magazine on essentials for the summer which was published in this month’s issue and I was honored to make the front page! yay alhamdulillah x  If you haven’t already checked them out, definitely do as it’s uber easy and convenient and free! They are a ‘free mobile lifestyle magazine for the modern Muslimah’ which is quite cool and I love the fact that it’s online and I can easily access it via my phone or ipad. Like them on facebook, follow them on instagram (@gayamagazine), and join their VIP mailing list so you can get early access to each months issue! You can download this months issue here and also read my article down below!

GAYA-7_Page_01 GAYA-7_Page_06 GAYA-7_Page_07 GAYA-7_Page_08 GAYA-7_Page_09 GAYA-7_Page_10 GAYA-7_Page_11 GAYA-7_Page_12


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