Belated Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak! This is uber late so forgive me, but I hope everyone had a blessed Eid with their families! (Eid is the celebration which follows the month of fasting, Ramadan!)

I realise the blog has been inundated with outfits posts lately, and that’s mostly because I’m on ‘holiday’… lol back home I guess and not doing too much and the weathers been a major downer so apologies if you’re tiring of the same old! I promise once school starts and InshAllah we’re someplace else in the world I’ll have loads of pictures and stories to share with you!

Below are some pictures from Eid I thought I’d share; I had made date squares and baklava which we put together  in cute ‘Eid Mubarak’ plates and gifted to family and friends which were cute (and yum!) and I also applied henna for my mum and sister. Even though we didn’t do much and just hung out with family and cousins, it was lovely having everyone around compared to Shaheer and my last Eid in Kuwait when we were by our lonesome 😦 ; plus this was my cousins last Eid before moving in with her husband so it was nice to have everyone together!

If you remember a few posts back I had posted about that same cousins bridal shower, and her festivities begin this weekend so everyone’s preparing for that. Shaheer is set to arrive in 2 days so you can bet I’m ecstatic to a) have my ickle buddy back with me and b) have my photographer back lol but mind you I think mother dearest has been filling in for him quite well don’t you think?!









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