eep! So yesterday was spent catching up on posts as you’ve probably noticed lol still a couple reviews and pictures from the IMFDF event which hosted Dina Tokio, Basma K, Nuralailalov etc. so will get on that soon inshallah!

In the mean time, we’re back in Kuwait and it is hot! not that I’m complaining because I lovers my sunshine, but it’s been quite humid here and there which we didn’t experience last year but oh well. We’ve just about settled into our new flat which is a jillion times better than last year alhamdulillah x the only thing I miss is being close to the Gulf as we were but it’s a small price to pay for staying where we are.

Our new school is wonderful so far! Everyone’s uber friendly and most of the newbies are around our age so we’ve all been hanging out and having a good laugh which again is a huge difference from last year! The staff is a lot more diverse (in terms of not everyone being from mid-west America) and we now have friends from Ireland and Australia so yay!

The first day of school for students is tomorrow (Sunday) and I’m a tad bit nervous and excited for it all to go down. Classroom is decorated and organized and with ceilings being so much higher than last year we were told to go OTT and put things everywhere! haven’t had a chance to take pictures of all the cuteness in our class but will do so in another post. My TA took charge of our welcome back bulletin board and I love the Elsa she made! I obviously had to add the Canadian touch so made some paper snowflakes to go with the theme; I feel like that’s something all Canadians learn to make at some point in grade school lol

Other than that we’ve just been settling in, and doing shizz loads of laundry; one of the boxes I’d left in the other flat got wet because a pipe burst etc etc and my clothes and hijabs got stanked and moldy-ish so things had to be thrown and washed a few times lol haven’t taken many pictures which is a shock to Shaheer but I’m sure we’ll be on it soon enough!

Hope everyone’s enjoying whatever’s left of the summer and looking forward to another school year! Lots of luck and love to everyboday! (is it weird that the first day of school feels like New Years..?!) haha xo.












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