Eid Mubarak!

Eid Mubarak! Hope everyone had a fabulous day with your loved ones! xx our Eid was spent with family of course, our Kuwaiti family that is 🙂  we went out for breakfast and the rest of the day was chilling really, skyping home, eating, watching shows, eating some more lol the usual init!

We’ve got a week off school which is awesome; we had booked tickets for Oman and were uber excited to head off after Eid but unfortunately Shaheer’s passport didn’t get back to us in time from the ministry etc. etc. so we were forced to stay here while all our ickle friends flew off to wonderful places 😦 not going to lie, I was pretty bummed out and shed a few tears because it was just sad and I get emotional lol but everything happens for a reason yes?! Inshallah we can postpone it for a later date but blah x So yea, we’re trying to entertain ourselves in the mean time, planning day trips which have so far ended up with us just chilling on the couch playing with our new gadgets aka we got a wii and a wireless keyboard which sounds quite lame but I’m using the keyboard atm whilst the laptop is connected to the TV and it’s got me excited lol

Here are some pictures of our day, including Eid Mubarak donuts seen at Tim Hortons! yay Canada! xo.
















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