National Mosque of Malaysia!

We miraculously had loads of energy I presume so got quite a bit done on our first day lol I think we were only in Malaysia for 3-4 days and with the gloomy weather we wanted to do as much as possible. National Mosque (aka Masjid Negara) was next on the list after the market and my oh my! So beautiful mashallah and creative architecture and just so different than any masjid we had ever visited, The last ‘major’ masjid we had visited was the Sultan Qaboos in Oman which was beautiful and magnificent in its own way in relation to the climate and culture and had that middle-eastern touch to it; Masjid Negara had so much going on both outside and inside e.g. the typical dome on masjid was nowhere to be seen and the shrubbery was maintained to resemble Islamic art which was all so neat to see!

‘Usually’ we get away with visiting the masjid as normal Muslims and just doing our thang, but occasionally we’re called out as being tourists and have to ‘sign in’ or enter via the tourist section…(Blue Mosque in Turkey!); I think the turban throws everyone off but oh well, that also gives us a different ‘outside’ perspective as well and seeing the reactions of other tourists is always  a bit yay! Anyhow, we had to sign in at the National Mosque and I was to be robed in a pretty awesome velcro purple abaya and that was that. We strolled outside prior to entering and came across a newly married couple which was adorable and of course had to take a picture with them! The outside of the masjid looks like a well-groomed park with a massive pond/fountain and it was just so relaxing and peaceful to walk around. I was amazed at the wudhu (ablution) area allocated outside the masjid and the best way to describe it is to imagine an underground car park with about 2 stories, but instead of empty car parks, you’ve got wudhu taps and stools! Rows and rows which give an idea of how packed the masjid probably gets especially during Friday Prayers and Ramadan.

The inside of the masjid was mahusive! So spacious and tiled marble (?!) floors which are cooling to the feet and open mosaic type walls which let the light shine through and just ah! ’twas definitely a subhanallah, mashallah, alhamdulillah moment! Masjids always get to me and we always make it a point to visit as many as we can during any of our trips; it just solidifies that feeling of Islam and being Muslim and how regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak, that’s one thing that unites us all. We’ve sat through Jumahs where the khutbah wasn’t in English, but once that adhan starts and everyone stands shoulder to shoulder it all becomes familiar, the actions and recitations and dua’s and its such a beautiful feeling subhanallah x

Upon ‘signing out’ and returning my robe which I had grown to love, we found a lady outside of the masjid selling some munch so snacked and chilled out for a bit and made our way back to the hotel to call it a night!

















DSC_0178 DSC_0185





DSC_0198 DSC_0197 DSC_0194   DSC_0205

DSC_0199 DSC_0200  DSC_0203


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